Solid State Dimmers

12 volt – 24 volt  &  120 volt 

RoCox Dimmers are Solid State industrial grade surface mount and adjustable. RoCox Dimmers are built for dimming LED, neon & incandescent lamps.

D 5 Dimmer –  12 volt – 24 volt for LED 5amp 60 watt

 Use secondary to 1 power supply.


D 20 Dimmer – 120 volt for Neon or Incandescent 

When dimming neon, it is necessary to reduce the amount of neon footage per transformer approximately 50% for full range dimming.  For dimming more than 16 amps, it may be necessary to use more than one D-20 Dimmer for larger applications.




RoCox Solid State Spellers are available with a various number of circuits and are built to customers specifications.  Spellers are built for Neon, Incandescent and LED lighting.  Spellers are available in 20 amps only.  20 amp is the total combined load.  For loads greater than 20 amps, a RoCox 120-Slave per output is needed.

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